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Bottle of Sadness
Your little red mouth
is a bottle of sadness
and you think you keep
it stoppered up,
but the cork is cracked
and the seal is loose
and you drip
little splashes of sorrow
every time you speak.
In the morning,
I wake next to your wet sheets,
your pillow soaked through with it.
It smudges on the rims
of glasses you drink from,
it tastes of salt and dusk and blue
on your lips
and even when you laugh,
it boils away and steams
in the air --
the room fills with fog,
you stop laughing again.
I used to think
you had only liters in you,
but some days I think
you have the whole deep sea.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 19 4
I cannot talk to you right now.
I can't part my lips
and spill conversations out:
the sentences grow barbs,
my mouth doesn't work,
my tongue seizes up,
and the words catch.
I am choking on them
and I can't spit them out.
The only way I can speak
to you is in code.
I have to tell you
that I am growing moth wings,
that the deep blue Atlantic
is writhing under my ribs,
that the butterflies in my stomach
are trying to bite their way out
and I am swallowing bottlefuls
of hornets to sting them quiet.
That I have stopped being a man
and have started being a pillar of salt
trying to learn how to rain dance.
That I am eating smoke.
I am trying to tell you something
but I think the cipher is written
on the marrow of my bones
and I don't want to know
what you'll need to do
to crack me.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 12 4
All Blue
I am happy
when I am with you
and also sick sad.
I am all blue in the middle.
There are rainstorms in my belly
and my mouth is full of fog.
Wet moss
creeps into the spaces
between my cobblestones,
but I love you,
and you make the rainstorms
the kind the sun shines through,
and you make the fog
the cool mist of morning,
and you make the moss
bright green and the softest
I have ever felt
but I am still all blue
in the middle of me.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 4 4
I spent days trying to write
the perfect letter for you.
I wrote and scratched out
words. I crumpled paper
until my floor started to think
it was a cotton field,
and I thought of inviting you
to come pick through it,
to see if you could find
the softness I was trying
to tell you about
but I was too afraid
your fingers would wear raw
on the bolls, that you would grow
tired of stooping
to pick up the things I'd grown
in my head
so I put an empty envelope
in your mailbox, and wrote
     Love me, please,
on the outside,
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 2 0
The Minotaur
You stand undressed
in front of the mirror,
and every time,
you cast open the gates
and step
into your labyrinth of
doubts, every time,
into winding passages
full of thorns
and black brambles.
You wander in
just to scratch
the itch
of hating yourself.
You pinch your hips,
and squeeze your breasts
and frown at yourself.
You are looking
for the minotaur,
for the shaggy head
and the bloody horns,
for the muscle and fur
that will put its knee
into your back
and break you.
You poke the lines
of your face, you
wander the moss-
frosted stones
and pick your way
through, you listen for his
lowing, for his hooves
stamping on the rock,
for the hot breath he huffs
and sniffs for you,
and with every step,
you draw nearer and nearer.
But there is more
in your labyrinth
than that.
Past the brambles
and the bends,
the cobblestones break
and there is a garden
growing wild in the center,
full of red and yellow dahlias,
full of climbing ivy and
white virgin's bower,
and the full brightness of the sun.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 4 0
What The Sea Spits Out
Every time you say
you love seashells,
I know what you mean
is that you love conch
and whelk and nautilus.
That you love
the broad fans of scallop shells,
spiral mollusks, sea snails,
white sand dollars
like round suns,
lying like jewels
on the edge of the sea.
I am a kind of seashell, too:
a handful of color,
sharp-edged grit,
sea glass, sand,
coral and whale bone,
and shining,
here and there,
with mother of pearl.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 4 2
Poems are dangerous.
They have bones in them:
a white rib, a femur,
a clavicle, vertebra,
little ones, so when you bite in,
so when the poem
in your mouth,
they crack your teeth,
they make you swallow,
they catch in your throat,
they catch,
they catch,
they leave you with toothaches
and bellyaches,
they leave you gasping
for air, for air,
they leave you begging
for a punch in the gut
so you can breathe.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 4 0
On the coldest night of the year,
a squirrel picked a fight
with the transformer
at the top of a power pole.
Neither made it out alive,
and the lights went out,
and the heat and the Internet
and I went out, too,
to stare down our street
of dark houses,
with their black-windowed faces
and the frost in their yards.
Beyond our neighborhood,
the rest of the city glowed,
still bright, still flushed electric,
still full of warmth and motion,
and I realized we were alone
with the cold and the dark,
left to huddle under our blankets
and try to rub ourselves warm.
Before I went inside
to fumble for candles
and flashlights,
I stopped,
just for a moment,
and imagined this must be
what a foot feels like
on the wrong side
of a blood clot.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 3 0
Deep End
You went back up to our room to find a towel
and while I waited for you to return,
I bobbed in the deep end of the hotel pool,
watching an old couple kiss in the shallows.
I knew we would never last that long.
Not through decades,
not through crow's feet and laugh lines,
not through enough for our hands to wrinkle,
no matter how long we submerged
ourselves in each other.
Briefly, I considered swimming over
to ask what secret preserved them,
to ask what I could do to save us from drowning,
but before I got the chance, you came back down
and asked what I was thinking about.
I could think of no explanation,
so I said nothing and I dove to the bottom
and I sat in the deep with my eyes open,
staring up at you staring down
through gallons at me.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 9 5
Sand Castles
I have a photo of you,
squinting in bright sundown
next to the big sand castle
we built on Clearwater Beach.
That castle took hours.
It took buckets
full of wet white sand,
and we poured it
and shaped it
into minarets and towers,
arches and battlements
on wide round walls,
until our hands were raw,
our necks burned red
and then the sun went down.
I took a photo of you with our castle,
a snapshot to record our sweat and work
and as the last light sunk into the gulf,
we packed up our things
and you kicked our castle down.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 5 4
The Second Wake I Wait For You
I may have to hit you
in the head with a shovel
and I don't want to.
The man on the news
said the dead are rising
from their graves,
said this is the end of the world,
said oh god they're at the door
they're at the door
and then he screamed
and the screen went red
and the channel went
to static, to snow, to fuzz
so he's probably right.
I turned off the television
and then I drove out to the
cemetery at the edge of town
and sat down with
a lantern and the old shovel
we used to keep in the shed.
The sharp grin of the moon
is coming up
and I keep hearing things
rustling in the dark.
I'll sit down
to wait for you.
Don't come up.
Don't come up.
Stay in your box under the ground
and let me remember
the golden coils of your hair
before they get tangled
with grave dirt and coffin splinters,
let me remember your smiling mouth
before it starts trying to bite
through my throat.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 4 4
The End of Us at Greyton Beach
You buried yourself
up to your neck
in the white Florida sand
and I realized
I wanted
to watch the tide come in.
:icongabrielgadfly:GabrielGadfly 3 1


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Gabriel Gadfly
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United States
Gabriel Gadfly is a poet from Alabama. Since 2009, he has published hundreds of poems online, building a readership through social media. He writes poems about love, humor, mental health, communication, and war, among many other topics.

He is the author of Bone Fragments and Ventricle, Atrium, a pair of poetry collections published by 1889 Labs. Both books are currently out of print. Plans are in progress to re-release both titles.

His work has appeared in Borderline!, Four & Twenty, Anatomy and Etymology, and Subtext Queer Arts Journal. Gabriel has spoken at libraries, universities, and schools across the southeast, including the University of Montevallo and Auburn University Montgomery.

He served as editor for Love Poems Deconstructed, a collaborative ebook poetry collection, alongside Jim Woods, Tammy Perlmutter, and Tim Gallen.


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